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Belarus MTZ farm tractor

Belarus MTZ farm tractor






Product Detail

Basic Info.

Brand Name: MTZ  color: red  Model No.: MTZ-820  Place of Origin: Belarus   Min.Order: 3 Piece/Pieces Means of Transport: Ocean, Land

Supply Capacity

Production Capacity: 15 Delivery Date: 10

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NEW tractors MTZ (Belarus), model MTZ-820

The MTZ-820 tractor is designed for various agricultural operations with mounted, semi-mounted and trailed machines, implements, for

transporting operations.

-Tractive effort - no less than 14 kN.

-Necessary equipment for building-block design.

-The ability to complete the attached and hitch linkage implements in different variations.

-Building-block approach to more than 300 models of tractors and machinery made in Russia and Belarus, and also almost in all countries.

General data of MTZ-820:

Constructive Weight: 3850 kg

Shipping Weight: 3950 kg

Operated Weight: 4100 kg

Maximum allowable weight (total): 6500 kg

Wheelbase: 2450 mm

Overall dimensions: Length 4130 mm

Overall dimensions: Width 1970 mm

Overall dimensions: Height 2800 mm

Wheel-track: Front (min) 1420 mm

Wheel-track: Front (max) 1990 mm

Wheel-track: Rear (min) 1350 mm

Wheel-track: Rear (max) mm 2100 mm

Ground clearance: 465 mm

Agrotechnical clearance of the tractor under the hoses of front and rear spindles, no less then: 645 mm

Minimum turning radius: 4,1 m

Tyre size of front wheels 360/70R24 or 11.2-20

Tyre size of rear wheels 18,4R34 or 15.5R38

Specific ground pressure: 140 kPa

Fuel tank capacity: 130 L

Traverse speed: forward/reverse 1,89-33,4/3,98-8,97

Load-carrying capacity: 3200 kg


Diesel, model: D-243

Type Four- stroke, diesel without turbocharging with direct injection

Number of cylinders: 4

Cylinder Bore / Stroke: 110 x 125 mm

Displacement: 4,75 L

Rated Speed: 2200 rpm

Rated Power: 60 kW (81 hp)

Peak Torque: 298 Nm

Factor of torque backup: 15 %

Fuel rate at operating power, g/kWh 229

Electrical system:

Alternator Rated Power: 1150 W

Rated voltage of tractor electrical system (load): 12 V

Rated voltage of engine starting-system: 24 V

Power train:

Wheel Arrangement: 4x4

Clutch: dry, single-disk

Additional Kitting: Driving Pulley + Doubled Wheels

Gearbox Mechanical, step-by-step

Front Driving Axle (FDA):portal-type, with self-locking differential, three operating modes: disengaged; engaged constantly; automatic engagement at slip of rear wheels.

Number of Gears: forward/reverse 18/4

Differential Lock:  

With hydraulic control, 2 positions: controlled engagement; disen-gaged, with hydromechanical booster: 3 positions (+ automatic).


Service and parking - disk-type, dry. Trailer-brakes drive - pneumatic, locked with tractor brakes control (optional - double-line)Pneumatic drive of brake control of trailers One-lead, interconnected with brakes

Cab: Type Modular, safe (ROPS), complies with OECD requirements, comfortable, fan-supplied-air filtration, heating system, with opening side/rear windows and roof hatch, with electric wipers of windshield and rear window and windshield wash-er. Optional - framed canopy or open station. Glasses with mark of homologacion.

Auxiliary Seat optional

Hydraulic Sistem:

Pomp type: Gear-type

Versatile, remote-cylinder type; optional - with force and position control, combined control, mechanical fixing in transport position

Lifting capacity at lift point: 3200 kg

Maximum Pressure: 20 MPa

Pump Capacity: 45 L/min

Hydraulic system capacity: 25 L

Let us know if you are interested and we will provide you with more details.

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